segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009

learning objects - review - Cooperative Freedom by Rosalina Nunes

Hi, Rosalina

I have just read your work and I liked it a lot. I liked the way you use to explain the theory of cooperative freedom, particularly the fact that you used a simple structure to illustrate the concept and used a remarkable association between images and text. This resulted in a very clear image of the idea in a very appealing package. Another aspect that I fancied is the fact that you started by listing some of the most relevant drawbacks of the learning theories and use that to open way to introduce the advantages of the cooperative freedom theory and its concepts and description. The result was a very coherent and structured presentation of the cooperative freedom theory. Finally I think that mentioning the contribute of Professor Morten Flate was very thoughtful and adequate, due to his importance as mentor of this theory.

Well done,
Pedro Teixeira

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